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Our focus is on four trends for autumn winter 18-19:

Purity: Reserved nature, delicate details, intimate atmosphere…
Materials: soft airy fabrics, wool, and lace.
Colors: light and bright, transparency, wrinkled leather, penicillin green, cream, white, light blue and nude.

REM: Rapid eye movement: capturing the moment, vibrating or blurred structures, shaking.
Colors and Materials: Me, shiny, deep reds, ochre,

Bloom: Frozen flowers buds icy cloudy. Calm and quiet environment.
Colors and materials: wool, silk, Icy tones, powder blue, flesh, and ivy.

Virtual identities: Cancelation of identities, an empty body.
Layers, wrapping, materials with a coating, thick finishes, pink, skin. Volumes, puffed, vacuum. Broken shapes accentuated angles.

Photography: Michal Arbel