Shoe Care

All Norman & Bella leather goods are made with genuine, high-quality Italian leather.

We only select suppliers who fully comply with environmenhtl laws in the countries of origin.

We firmly believe that adopting a sustainable attitude means transparency and traceability of raw materials.

Depending on the type of leather, dirt is often simply removed with a damp cloth or wet wipes. We recommend testing on a hidden area first to check whether the dampness leaves traces on the leather.

Color and texture change naturally over time and usage. For longevity, we recommend using transparent leather care cream or transparent polishing sponge, which will enrich the color and renew shine and vitality. Also, we recommend using a protection spray on dark bags, as they may transfer color onto light-colored fabric.

To prevent the leather from developing marks, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and direct heat sources. Leathers might react with fabrics they come in contact with- new dark fabrics & denim may bleed on light-colored leather.

Keep bags in a dust bag and shoes in a shoe box to prevent dust and dirt.

Calf leather

Calf leather is known for its smoothness and softness. For longevity, we recommend treating this leather with a leather care cream (balm), which will help keep it hydrated. Work the cream into the shoe in small circles until shining.

Tumbled / Embossed leather

Our tumbled leather is soft, refined, and has a rich texture. For lifespan, use a soft damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Additionally, treat the leather with leather care cream (balm) which will help keep it hydrated.

Patent leather

Our skin calf patent leather is coated with a shiny, shimmering finish. Caring for patent leather is simple. Use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt or dust and avoid exposure to hot temperatures. Further, refrain from using cream or care spray. As patent leather can absorb ink and dye, we recommend storing the shoes apart from other materials and keeping them inside a dust bag.

Nappa leather

Nappa leather is known for its soft touch and smoothness. Clean the leather by using a rubber-based shoe polish (make sure to match the color of the polish to the color of the leather) and avoid the use of wax-based polishes and cleaners.

Suede leather

Our suede leather is soft, lightweight, and delicate. For durability, we recommend pre-treating this leather with a spray protector and avoiding exposure to water or other liquids. Clean the leather by using a rubber brush to remove dirt and smooth marks.

For further assistance regarding the care of shoes, bags, and other leather goods, please contact us