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It Does Matter

This season, Look iconic. But, not just-

Emphasizing the design on volumes and mixing materials is the inspiration for our fall-winter collection.

Timeless, elegant, and easy to wear – designed to add a twist of glamour to your wardrobe.

A collection of Norman & Bella’s finest boots, in the best Italian artisan craftsmanship.

Under the heavy shadow of the climate crisis, we in the fashion industry, have the responsibility to take a stand on this very topic and offer a contemporary and sustainable approach, doing so, minimizing environmental damage. You, as a fashion consumer have to think twice about what you purchase and where from. Norman and Bella promise temporary designs in measured quantities and limited editions that are not based on passing trends.

We use long-lasting high-quality materials and take pride in a sustainable 100% handmade production. We stand behind the shoes we manufacture and are happy to repair and renew them over the years worn-out shoes, to avoid unneeded purchases.