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Italy, an amazing country. Its culture, food and wine have been coursing through my veins for a long time. I decided to share my love for the boot country with my lovely customers and created a series of intimate encounters in my studio. I collaborate with Federica Barolo, an Art History Professor at the University of Urbino in Marca, Italy, and together we built three encounters about fashion, art and food at the Italien Renaissance. We accompanied the lectures by traditional hand-made tastings made by myself.


Aperitivo | Vol. 1 | Toscana

Aperitivo: An integral part of Italian food culture. The link between day and night, appetizers before dinner. Prof. Federica Barolo talked about the connection between food and art in the Italian Renaissance and tolled about the culinary traditions of Tuscany through artists and their work from this region. After the lecture, we had a traditional Aperitivo.

Primo Piatto | Vol. 2 | Le Marche

Primo Piatto – The opening of every Italian meal. Pasta. In the second encounter, we honored the unique pasta of the Marche region, which lies between the Apennines Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Federica introduced the painter Raphael and the composer Rossini, both born in the Marche region. Through their artworks, we recreated a traditional handmade pasta dinner in a Marche region style.

Dolce | Vol.3 | Veneto

Dolce – the Italian word for sweet, because we couldn’t end our encounters without dessert. In the last encounter, Federica focused on the Veneto region in northeastern Italy, which stretches between the Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea, and Venice is his capital. She exposed us to the appearance of the heeled shoes the muslin dresses, the whipped cream and the cultural richness of Venice. For dessert we had a Tiramisu and other great traditional desserts.